Salvador Cruz Rambaud, José García Pérez, Robert A Nehmer,'s Algebraic Models For Accounting Systems PDF

By Salvador Cruz Rambaud, José García Pérez, Robert A Nehmer, Derek J S Robinson

ISBN-10: 9814287113

ISBN-13: 9789814287111

This booklet describes the development of algebraic types which characterize the operations of the double access accounting procedure. It supplies a unique, complete, evidence established therapy of the subject, utilizing such ideas from summary algebra as automata, digraphs, monoids and quotient buildings.

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By using this methodology the researcher attempts to interpret the world as a text in order to understand the meanings which the actors in the study attach to objects, to themselves and others, and to actions. Here the objective is similar to reducing the semantic context of the world to a somewhat less complex and perhaps hidden syntactic component. The syntactic component in hermeneutics is seen to be dynamic, with the actors and their environment constantly interacting to reconstitute meaning and form.

Once established, this relationship permits the transfer of concepts and results for balance vectors to transactions. 1. 1. Transaction Vectors The formal definition of a transaction will now be given. Let n be a positive integer, which will correspond to the number of accounts in an accounting system, and let R be an ordered domain, which will be the realm of account values. Choose and fix a balance vector v ∈ Baln (R). Then a function τv : Baln (R) → Baln (R) is defined by the rule τv (x) = x + v, (x ∈ Baln (R)).

R  − r n−1 n−2 −rn−1  and the only way this can equal 0 is if r1 = r2 = · · · = rn−1 = 0. It remains to prove that an arbitrary balance vector b is expressible as a linear combination of e(1, 2), . . , e(n − 1, n). Write    b=   b1 b2 .. bn−1 −b1 −b2 − · · · −bn−1       and define vi to be b1 + b2 + · · · + bi , where 1 ≤ i ≤ n − 1. Then Chapter 2. Balance Vectors 40 v1 e(1, 2) + v2 e(2, 3) + · · · + vn−1 e(n − 1, n) equals     0   0   0 b1  b1 + b 2       −b1   0  −b1 − b2     .

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