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• four • Meditation on a Bar Stool • [Editorial (Analog)] • essay by means of Stanley Schmidt
• eight • A Fierce, Calming Presence • novelette via Jordan Jeffers
• eight •  A Fierce, Calming Presence • inside art through Joel Iskowitz
• 23 • The Passionate Astrophysicist to His Love • poem through Robert Lundy
• 23 •  The Passionate Astrophysicist to His Love • inside art by way of uncredited
• 24 • Alien Dimensions: The Universe round the corner • [Science truth (Analog)] • essay by way of Edward M. Lerner
• 31 • Remembering: Frederik Pohl, 1919-2013 • essay by means of uncredited
• 32 • toxins • shortstory through Don Webb
• 38 • The Oracle of Boca Raton • shortstory by way of Eric Baylis
• forty-one • Bud Webster and the prior Masters • [The exchange View] • essay by means of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• forty-one •   evaluation: prior Masters and different Bookish Natterings by way of Bud Webster • overview by way of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• forty four • In dialog: Bud Webster • interview of Bud Webster • interview by way of Cat Rambo
• forty five • Wind Reaper • shortstory by means of Jon Hakes
• forty eight • In occasions to come back (Analog, April 2014) • [In occasions to return (Analog)] • essay by means of uncredited
• forty nine • First touch: mothers Rule • [Probability 0] • shortstory by way of Diane Turnshek
• 50 • It's now not "The woman or the Tiger?", It's "Which Tiger?" • shortstory by means of Ian Randal Strock
• fifty three • The View from Cruithne • poem via Mary A. Turzillo
• fifty three •  The View from Cruithne • inside art by means of uncredited
• fifty four • Whaliens • shortstory by means of Lavie Tidhar
• fifty four •  Whaliens • inside art by means of Joshua Meehan
• sixty two • Lockstep (Part four of four) • serial by means of Karl Schroeder
• sixty two •  Lockstep (Part four of four) • inside paintings through Mark Evans
• 104 • The Reference Library (Analog, April 2014) • [The Reference Library] • essay by way of Don Sakers
• 104 • Interview • interview of Don Sakers • interview by means of Don Sakers
• one zero five •   assessment: outdated Mars through George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois • assessment by way of Don Sakers
• a hundred and five •   evaluate: Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs via Mike Resnick and Robert T. Garcia • evaluate via Don Sakers
• 106 •   evaluate: canine of warfare via Mike McPhail • evaluate through Don Sakers
• 106 •   evaluation: Skirmishes by way of Kristine Kathryn Rusch • evaluation by way of Don Sakers
• 107 •   evaluate: The Plague Forge through Jason M. Hough • evaluate through Don Sakers
• 108 • Brass Tacks (Analog, April 2014) • [Brass Tacks] • essay through quite a few
• 108 •  Letter (Analog, April 2014) • essay by means of Michael Smith (I)
• 109 •  Letter: The Editor Responds (Analog, April 2014) • essay by way of Trevor Quachri
• one hundred ten •  Letter (Analog, April 2014) • essay via John younger
• 112 • Upcoming occasions (Analog, April 2014) • [Upcoming occasions] • essay by way of Anthony R. Lewis [as by means of Anthony Lewis ]

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