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By Henri J. Dumont, Tamara A. Shiganova, Ulrich Niermann

ISBN-10: 1402018665

ISBN-13: 9781402018664

The Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas, the rivers and canals that attach them, and the large quantity of transport within the area, signify a conduit for aquatic invasion, whose effects are just now starting to be understood. This booklet offers an up to date review of jelly invasions within the Ponto-Caspian that have affected neighborhood ecosystems because the early Nineteen Eighties, contrasting that with different organic invasions, looking for underlying principles.

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In August 1998 (prior to Beroe), sprat in the northeastern region of the sea fed exclusively on C. 37%). In August 1999, the diet was extended by other copepods and by Sagitta setosa, the share of C. 6%. In August 2000, the diet kept widening with Copepoda (C. ), Cladocera, shrimp and fish larvae. 91%) than in August 1999. Whiting predominantly fed on sprat in 1998. Copepoda, Amhipoda, Decapoda, Polychaeta, and Isopoda composed a small fraction in its diet.

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